Air Raid Sirens: Challenging Jade Black

So the backstory for this is on my YouTube Channel, but essentially I wanted to use an air raid siren (don’t we all) in a new song and challenged Jade to do the same. The name of my song has been revealed on my social media as Red Sky, I… Continue reading

A Sonic Pi Exclusive Feature?! (ALBUM ANNOUNCEMENT)

Hello everyone! It’s been a while hasn’t it? So, I’m here to talk about *that* album trailer I dropped a while ago, but also an exclusive feature I’ve used in Sonic Pi. I posted the album trailer on my YouTube Channel a while ago now, but essentially it’s a poem… Continue reading


I’m back again to talk more about some technical aspects of Sonic Pi, but not quite as technical as last time. This is all about the sound effects in the track revealed on my social media this week: Dead Man. In particular, the bubble sound effect. Spooky Yes. Indeed. There… Continue reading

Making Machines – A Personal Favourite

Hi again. I’m back with more complicated techniques and sampling, but this is all with samples bundled in Sonic Pi this time. Check out my previous post if you want to know about importing custom samples. I love making mechanical sounds on Sonic Pi, here’s how I do it. perc_till… Continue reading

Backwards String Synths?!

Hello again, I’m back to talk about another Sonic Pi exclusive feature using synths! At first glance you wouldn’t necessarily think so, but it’s not quite what you think. Let me explain. Synths, not Samples You’d think making a backwards violin sound would be easy. It is with sample, reverse… Continue reading

So, That Poem (Track Ordering)

Ocean's Dream

Hi everyone, is this post pointless? You’ve known the track ordering for about six months now… Say What? The trailer for Ocean’s Dream that I dropped back in July was me reciting a poem in suitably creepy fashion over visuals of the ocean and glitching in some of the track… Continue reading

My Best Song Yet! Coming Soon!

My New Logo

Hi everyone! It’s been over a year since I was last on here somehow, time is weird. So yes, a remix! It could be my best song… A while ago I remixed DJ Diamond’s Rays of the Sun and I’m back to do another one. This time I’ve used Sonic… Continue reading